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Here are some of our clients' most frequently asked questions:
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Absolutely. Working with students or adults from across the country and across the globe. it’s about exploring opportunities no matter where you land. Whether you are in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina, or California, we will meet with you one-on-one via Zoom and guide you through each step of the process.
No. We match every student to the college or university that will best help them thrive! Our role is to help you understand your strengths and what makes you, as an applicant, a strong candidate. Then we work with you to submit strong applications that maximize your chance of acceptance to any college, or trade school of interest.
Of course! We help all students reach their college goals. Landing in the right college or university can be transformational. If you are a B, or C student with average test scores, who hasn’t been challenged to maximize your potential, the door is open. It’s time to explore your strengths and determine how to sell yourself in your application and essays to ensure your unique talents come through to support you getting accepted to the best possible colleges for you.
As life coaching is our foundation we always approach our clients with our students’ opportunities, life goals, and future in mind. We are very familiar with all the complex factors that impact an admissions decision – many of which are unknown to other admissions staff members. These factors can make the difference between acceptance or denial. With over 20 years of admissions experience, we provide accurate answers to your questions, eliminating the guesswork, so you can feel confident in your application.

We partner with our students as they explore their futures, working closely as they set goals to experience the greatest amount of success. One hundred percent of our past students have been accepted to one of their top-choice and best-fit colleges or selected community college paths to build their credentials or chosen the trade or technical path that lead to their success. Follow this link to read more from our testimonials.

It is never too early (or too late) to start! The ambition to success brought you to this page, which makes this the perfect time to start working on your college strategy and/or applications. Our assistance – at any point in the process – can dramatically increase your likeliness of acceptance. Whether you are an underclassman or senior, we can support your success with our services!

We work with families seeking assistance with gifted middle school students who are interested in targeting specific high schools that can support their academic and social interests.

Do you have a highly talented and ambitious middle school student who is looking for a challenging academic opportunity? We can help! Contact us at (603) 821-0585, or by completing this form.

We remove the mystery from college admissions. We will work with you in a personal, customized manner. Immediately after you sign up, we will review all of your academic and extracurricular information with the same rigor that a selective college could. Drusilla Blackman will then create your unique Positioning to develop your college strategy. We will meet with you weekly to develop your essays, obtain strong letters of recommendation, complete your activity and honor lists, and prepare any supplemental materials. Furthermore, we will review all of your application materials from beginning to end before you click submit!

Similar to seniors, we will closely evaluate your profile to determine your unique positioning. We will then guide you step-by-step through the selection of courses, extracurriculars, and programs to support your strategy and maximize your chances of acceptance to top colleges during your senior year. To learn more about the process for underclassmen, contact us.

You can learn more about our services by going to the College Planning & Prep and Career & Life Coaching pages.

We pride ourselves on personalized services, working one-on-one with a small group of students at a given time. This ensures all students receive personalized attention as needed to support the college application process with an expert with nearly twenty years experience.

Yes, you can review student and family testimonials here or we can send you references upon your request. Students from around the globe rely on our services to ensure they have the best chance of getting accepted to a college or university that supports who they decide to become.

The essay is your one opportunity to share your voice with the admissions officers. So take advantage! It is important that you take the time to brainstorm and figure out what is the right message you want to share and do it. Sometimes it is best to utilize your resources to bounce ideas around, or get support reviewing your essay to ensure your message is coming through. So it is okay to have someone review your essay for errors and messaging. But it is your essay, your voice, and it should be your story. No one knows it better than you.

When you think about the value each student brings to a college your adventurous nature, or exposure to varying life experiences all add value to a college campus. Or as an admissions person, “what is this student doing that shows they are exposing themselves to their interests?” “Are they taking initiative and showing a commitment, responsibility, or holding a leadership role in something they are passionate about?” “What life experiences have they had that might invite them to try something new?”

Yes, you’ll get a personal coach that supports and guides you, but we expect you take the lead. At Partnered Success, we work with a limited number of clients, with each having a personal champion diligently focused on their success.
Everything we do is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. As we work to establish a coaching program to meet your specific needs, we often generally start with a six- to eight-week program. That program can be modified as our work together demands, but be assured our agenda is about your success.
As much as we believe in our unique approach and strategies, you also play a leading role in your success. You must take the lead and identify a set of principles that align with your chosen path. To successfully navigate that path to success, you need to commit to staying dedicated and focused throughout your coaching program.
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