About Partnered Success

Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris, Owner of Partnered Success
Supporting families and educational opportunities
Helping you navigate your academic and career pathways

As the founder of Partnered Success, Sharon is passionate about supporting families by familiarizing them with the educational opportunities that best suit their children. As many families struggle to understand the cost of college today, Sharon spends her days living and traveling in the world of higher education. She has visited nearly 700 college campuses, providing insight into campus cultures to help match students with schools best suited to support their journey. 

She also brings a unique perspective as a Career Facilitator trained to explore career fields and trends. Clients gain insight into how their interests pair with opportunities in tomorrow’s employment world to help them understand the options as they navigate academic and career pathways. The process is about helping clients realize through the time together that they are plotting a course for their futures.

College Planning & Prep
Career & Life Coaching
Lead your own journey
Sharon recognizes that educational misinformation and overload can be a barrier to families navigating higher educational opportunities, and believes that professional independent educational consultants play an active role in resolving this challenge. Sharon helps clients lead their own journey assisting them in navigating and setting their own goals for a future that best fits their needs and desires.
Sharon Harris'
Credentials and Certifications
Independent Educational Consultant Life Coaching Certificate

University of New Hampshire

MBA, Masters of Business Administration

St. Thomas University in Minnesota

Appointed by NH Governor to Board of Trustees

Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH)

On Board of Trustees for Diversity and Inclusion Council

State of New Hampshire

On Board of Trustees for COVID 19's Task Force

State of New Hampshire

On Board for nontraditional education community for students ages 11-18

Big Fish Learning Community in Dover, NH

On Board for mentoring program for underprivileged and 1st generation students, focused on creating a college-going community

YES! Initiative in Pittsfield, MA

Current Member

Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA)

Current member on Diversity and Equity Committee, and past member of the Ethics Committee

Higher Education Consulting Association (HECA)

Current Member

National Career Development Association (NDCA)

Our Mission

We aim to provide solutions to individuals looking to navigate their way through education, career, and life. We understand that people go through challenging life phases, and we provide the partnership to make the journey easier.

Our Vision

Partnered Success is a global go-to coaching agency that builds career and educational opportunities for clients to help them see beyond the traditional boundaries.

Our Core Values

Collaborate Enthusiastically - We work together to gain insight into ensuring you have a fuller life.
Build Relationships - We value respectful, trusting, and diverse connections.
Create Opportunities - We seek knowledge to discover possibilities and expand our minds.
Clarify Direction - We work with you to explore your path and give guidance to create your own future.
Explore Potential - We work to launch a journey to succeed and discover a path to success.